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Delivery to Kiev

Delivery to Kiev

Delivery to Kiev

Delivery cost:
Flower delivery to Kiev is for free.
Delivery to: Koncha-Zaspa, Puscha-Voditsa, Kotsyubinskoe, Chayki, Sofievskaya Borschagovka, Petropavlovskaya Borschagovka, Novoselki, Pogrebyi, Bortnichi - 4 $. Minimum order price to Kiev - 12 $.
Delivery of non-flower order costs 6 $.
The cost ot the night delivery (from 8 PM to 10 AM*) is 6 $ (in addition to the basic cost of delivery).

Delivery time:
Usually all deliveries are between 10 AM — 8 PM*, another time should be agreed with manager. Night delivery is not guaranteed.
Delivery till 12 PM* of the next day can be done if you make order till 6 PM* of the previous day, otherwise delivery will be proceed between 12 — 19 PM* of the next day.
Terms of order delivery is 4 hours from the moment of payment. Some of bouquets we can deliver within 2 hours. Urgent delivery should be agreed with managers.
Orders «for today» are accepted until 6 PM*.

Call before delivery:
We reserve the right to call the recipient before delivery. In this case we don't specify the items to be delivered and the sender's name, so surprise is remained.

* by local time in Kiev, Ukraine

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